Medium Rarities.png

Weird Al wanted TruScribe to make a video for his Medium Rarities Track List Reveal. Our art team loves video games. So we wanted to produce a video game style for the video! It was a very fun and challenging project!

I was assigned the first world background and I also colored the other two backgrounds. I helped out with the animation a little bit as well.

  • Opening Drawings: Carli Idhe
  • Icons, Al Character Design and Animation: Ben Sharm
  • Al Character Design, Second and Third World Lineart: Kevin Werth
  • Music Arrangement: Page Campbell



Scale is a rhythm platformer made in Unity where you control a little creature trying to find stolen music notes from songs around the world. This game was made in 72 hours during the Music Game Jam (2017). 

I oversaw and designed all backgrounds, characters, and buttons. Some challenges I resolved during this project were developing unique backgrounds for different environments while maintaining visual to allow UI and characters to stand out. It was great practice (and fun!) working on the art.  

  •  Game Designer: Andie Nanney
  • Programmer: Matt Fannin
  • Musician: Sara Kindschus

You can download and play the game here!


Sea Ya Later! is a summer themed point and click game made in Game Maker about waving goodbye to your friends after a fun day at the beach! This game was made during the 48 hour Global Game Jam (2017).

I lead the creation of all art assets, including character designs and UI implemented in the game. 

  • Programmers: Weston Williams and Eric Bruning
  • Music and SFX: Josh Klein

Click here to play our game!