Halloween Avatar!

Halloween is my favorite hoilday! Here's a quick Halloween avatar for my social media accounts.


New Video on My YouTube Channel!

I've been quite busy with convention season this year. But I managed to finally upload a video of myself drawing (time-lapse)! My former job was about editing and filming myself drawing, so I figured that I should apply that to my own work too. 

It was kinda challenging getting the recording software to work for me and to be comfy in front of the camera again. I had lots of fun doing this and I hope to do more time-lapse videos in the future!

Here's the timelapse of my "Goddess of Light" painting.

Character Design WIP

Testing out Clip Studio Paint for inking. I haven't used it in a while so I'm just doodling in it to get familiar with it again. Here is a little kid design that I'm working on.

First Blog Post!

I haven't had a blog in a while! I'm going to try to keep this updated with sketches, WIPs, and other random things.